Fee Schedule

Due to the new regulations instated by the Department of Financial Services, First Equity will no longer be allowed to bundle fees for services rendered on the title bill. Each service being provided must be charged and disclosed separately. All fees are TIRSA approved and may be outlined but not limited to as follows:




ACRIS PREP $250.00 As a Courtesy
ACRIS PREP $200.00 With insured transaction
Adjournment Fee $75.00
After hours closing fee $100.00 per hour with insured transaction in addition to normal closing fees starting after 5pm
Articles of Organization $150.00
Attorney Search $350.00
Bankruptcy Search $25.00 Courtesy/Uninsured Capped at $125
Bankruptcy Search $20.00 per name with insured transaction
Certificate of Good Standing $175.00
Certificate of Incorporation $150.00
Covenant & Restriction Search $250.00
Contin Fee on all Refis with 3 day right of rescission $75.00
Co-op Search $375.00
Certified Copies $75.00 Service Fee
Copies $50.00 Service Fee
Covenant & Restriction Search $250.00
Deed Chain $225.00
Effective Date Update $75.00 per update with insured transaction
Escrow Service Fee $50.00 per escrow with insured transaction
Exam Fee-Zone 1 $250.00
Excessive Travel Fee $50.00 if applicable
Extra Chain Search $200.00 Up to $500 depending on county
Flood Search $90.00 Courtesy/Uninsured
Foreclosure Search $575.00
Franchise Tax Report $150.00 Courtesy
Franchise Tax Report $75.00 Insured
Full Search with Municipals $500.00-650.00 No Insurance- Residential Property
Full Search with Municipals $600-$1,000.00 No Insurance-Commercial Property
Highway Search $50.00 Courtesy/Uninsured
Judgment/Lien Search-No Mortgages $250.00 Capped at $350.00
Landmark Search $50.00 Courtesy/Uninsured
Last Deed of Record $50.00
Last Owner Search (does not include judgment/lien search) $150.00
Municipal Searches $425.00 Full, NYC courtesy/uninsured
Municipal Searches $350.00 Full, Outside NYC courtesy/uninsured
Municipal Searches Suffolk: $300.00
Nassau: $250.00
Updates: $250.00
Boro: $350.00
Full muni's for insured transactions
Overnight Fees $10.00 per document With insured transaction
Patriot Search $25.00 Courtesy/Uninsured Capped at $125
Patriot Search $10.00 per name With insured transaction
Post Closing Recording Delivery Fee $25.00 per document With insured transaction
Post Rescission Document Pick Up Fee $250.00 Insured Refinance transactions
Recording Service Fee $75.00 Commercial transaction (per doc)
Recording Service Fee $75.00 Residential (per doc)
Recording Service Fee $25.00 With insured residential transaction/per document
Review of Foreclosure, Short Sale, Bankruptcy, Judgement TBD with insured transaction
Single & Separate Search $750.00-$1,000.00
Survey Inspection Fee $75.00 Residential
Survey Locate Fee 75.00 plus actual cost Residential
Tax Search $75.00 Courtesy/Uninsured
Title Curative Fee $200.00 with insured transaction
Transfer Tax Preparation and Review Fee $200.00
UCC Search (State and County) $75.00 per name Courtesy/Uninsured
UCC Search (State and County) 200% of cost with insured transaction
Weekend Closing Fee $100.00 per hour with insured transaction in addition to normal closing fees
Zoning Lot Certification $575.00