Fee Schedule




ACRIS PREP $250.00 As a Courtesy
ACRIS PREP $200.00 With insured transaction
Adjournment Fee $50.00
After hours closing fee $100.00 per hour with insured transaction in addition to normal closing fees starting after 5pm
Articles of Organization $150.00
Attorney Search $350.00
Bankruptcy Search $50.00 Per name Courtesy/Uninsured
Bankruptcy Search $50.00 per name with insured transaction capped at $100
Certificate of Good Standing $175.00
Certificate of Incorporation $150.00
Covenant & Restriction Search $250.00
Contin Fee on all Refis with 3 day right of rescission $50.00
Co-op Search $375.00
Certified Copies $75.00 Service Fee
Copies $50.00 Service Fee
Covenant & Restriction Search $250.00
Deed Chain $225.00
Effective Date Update $50.00 per update with insured transaction
Effective date update (older than 6 months) $100.00
Escrow Service Fee $50.00 per escrow with insured transaction
Exam Fee-Zone 1 $250.00
Excessive Travel Fee $50.00 if applicable
Extra Chain Search $200.00 Up to $500 depending on county
Flood Search $90.00 Courtesy/Uninsured
Foreclosure Search $575.00
Franchise Tax Report $150.00 Courtesy
Franchise Tax Report $75.00 Insured
Full Search with Municipals $500.00-650.00 No Insurance- Residential Property
Full Search with Municipals $600-$1,000.00 No Insurance-Commercial Property
Highway Search $50.00 Courtesy/Uninsured
Judgment/Lien Search-No Mortgages $250.00 Capped at $350.00
Landmark Search $50.00 Courtesy/Uninsured
Last Deed of Record $50.00
Last Owner Search (does not include judgment/lien search) $150.00
Municipal Searches $450.00 Full package Residential
Municipal Searches $550.00 Full package Commercial
Municipal Searches TBD Uninsured
Overnight Fees $65.00 With insured transaction
Patriot Search $50.00 per name Courtesy/Uninsured
Patriot Search $50.00 per name With insured transaction Capped at $100
Post Rescission Document Pick Up Fee $75.00 Insured Refinance transactions
Recording Service Fee $200.00 Commercial transaction
Recording Service Fee $150.00 Residential Insured
Recording Service Fee $75.00 Uninsured
Review of Foreclosure, Short Sale, Bankruptcy, Judgement TBD with insured transaction
Single & Separate Search $750.00-$1,000.00
Survey Inspection Fee $100.00 Residential
Survey Locate Fee or new survey request processing fee 100.00 As applicable
Tax Search $75.00 Courtesy/Uninsured
Title Curative Fee $200.00 with insured transaction
Transfer Tax Preparation and Review Fee $200.00
UCC Search (State and County) $75.00 per name Courtesy/Uninsured
UCC Search (State and County) 200% of cost with insured transaction
After Hours, Extended or Weekend Closing Fee $100.00 per hour with insured transaction in addition to normal closing fees as applicable
Zoning Lot Certification $575.00


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