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1st Equity Education Series



1st Equity National Title and Closing Services is proud to present continuing education approved by New York State Department of State as well as the highly-respected and sought-after NAR (National Association of Realtors) designations through a partnership with Leap EDU. As a result of this collaboration, 1st Equity Powered by Leap EDU, licensed real estate professionals nationwide can remotely gain access to the highest level of education possible. Classes are taught by our highly-regarded instructors. Jai Varisco, Aldo Iemma and Alison Gladowsky. Jai Varisco and Aldo Iemma are practicing, experienced, Realtor and NAR- and NYS DOS-approved instructors. Alison Gladowsky is a practicing attorney who devotes her practice to real estate, estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, and related areas, advising individuals and families with privately owned businesses. Ms. Gladowsky is an NYS DOS Approved Real Estate Instructor.

Proud sponsors of this education series include Fair Quote Insurance Agency, PinkTie.org, TiedIn Media, Chocolate Works Plainview, RCG Mortgage, Gladowsky Group.

Fair Housing

This course will identify cultural competency in Real Estate and how to better connect with clients in different cultures. After completing this course, real estate agents will have a better awareness of cultural competency and will have tools to improve their own interactions with clients of different cultures.

This course covers the body of federal law, New York State, and local laws prohibiting discrimination in housing and real-estate-related transactions. The historical role of the government reinforced racial segregation in housing is examined to promote a better understanding as to how historical policies and practices have ongoing impacts perpetuating barriers to fair housing and racial economic inequities, and what more can be done to address these barriers.

The course will specifically examine:

  • the historical role of government in establishing racial segregation through planning, policies, and practice;
  • Federal, New York State, and Local Fair Housing Laws and Protected Classes;
  • the historical role of the real estate industry;
  • Long Island Divided: Newsday’s three-year investigative report;
  • New York State Senate Investigation, Report and Recommendations;
  • New York State Legislation to Combat Fair Housing Violations; and
  • the Real Estate Industry’s Response: an Equitable Pathway Forward.

This course satisfies the Fair Housing requirements.

We appreciate our co-sponsors and their commitment to maintaining an ethical environment in Real Estate through education.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Definition of Cultural Competency and why it is important in Real Estate
  • High-Context & Low-Context Cultures
  • Bridging communication gaps, Creating repertoire & trust. Showing respect and sensitivity.
  • Identify and distinguish federal, New York State and local laws prohibiting housing discrimination
  • Weigh the historical role of government in reinforcing racial segregation and consider how historical policies & practices still have fair housing impacts
  • Examine New York State’s recent legislative response to combat fair housing violations

Law Of Agency

The NAR’s Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR®) Certification focuses on both the buyer and seller sides of distressed property transactions.

Knowing how to help sellers maneuver the complexities of short sales, as well as help buyers to pursue short sale and foreclosure opportunities, are not merely good skills to have in today’s market— they are critical.

Designed for real estate professionals at all experience levels, this course gives you a framework for understanding how to:

  • Direct distressed sellers to finance, tax & legal professionals
  • Qualify sellers for short sales
  • Develop a short sale package
  • Tap into buyer demand
  • Protect buyers
  • Safeguard your commission

This course satisfies the Law Of Agency requirements.

We appreciate our co-sponsors and their commitment to maintaining an ethical environment in Real Estate through education.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Module 1: Distressed Property Overview
  • Module 2: Short Sales: The Listing Agent’s Role
  • Module 3: Taking the Short-Sale Listing
  • Module 4: The Buyer’s Agent’s Role with Short-Sale and REO Transactions
  • Module 5: Short Sales from Contract to Closing
  • Bonus Module: Topics and Trends in Short Sales and Foreclosures



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